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We will be conducting business as necessary by the web:  nominations and election of  officers,  budgets, meeting announcements, committee meetings, etc.    A different way of doing business, but very doable. Timely response is critical.


For  any other required membership/committee voting, we will vote by NON approval. If you DO NOT approve, you will respond to the appropriate committee chair or officer.   There will be a short turnaround, less than 24hours - that would be a day, or shorter. 


Notice to ALL COMMITTEES:  Please post all of your information, due dates, and any other needed information on the web. IF you decide to have a physical meeting, please be aware of 'situational awareness' and the health risk you may be exposing your committee members.

Wash your hands, check on your neighbors, take care of yourselves.


Dixie Dies

Life is Good

Our 4th annual Chocolate Event is coming April 23, 2020.

More info will be on our website mid March


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