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Your donation will directly support the life-changing Soroptimist program of your choosing. You can designate your gift to whichever program is most meaningful for you—maybe that’s making it possible for women to return to school through the Live Your Dream Awards, or motivating adolescent girls who face obstacles against their future successes through Dream It, Be It. Perhaps you want to donate to Unrestricted Program Support to ensure that all Soroptimist programs, including Soroptimist Club Grants and others receive the funding they need. Whichever program you choose, your gift will make a big difference for women and girls in need in our community.

Your generous support will help fund projects like:

  • Scholarships

  • Awards

  • SAFE

  • Emma's House

  • Literacy

  • CASA

  • Youth Homes

  • Women's Health

  • Food Banks

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Scholarships and Awards

   Violet Richardson


   Trina Petersen Pro-Tech

   Woman Veteran Scholarship


   Live Your Dream

25 in 5, $25,000 in 5 years Fundraiser

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